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Welcome, everyone, to Uncovering Asia: The Second Asian Investigative Journalism Conference. From September 23 to 25, we are bringing together top investigative reporters, data journalists, and media law and security experts from across Asia and around the world.

Below you will find more than 60 sessions and special events. There are panels on digging out hidden facts online, the environment, business, and how to fund your project; seminars on security and tracking dirty money; data journalism workshops by the best in the business; and much more.

You can follow us on Twitter at #IJAsia16. On behalf of your hosts — the Global Investigative Journalism Network, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, and the Centre for Investigative Journalism, Nepal, we wish you a big hello! Namaste!

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Verena Hölzl

Verena Hölzl (30) zog 2015 auf eigene Faust nach Myanmar, um als freie Korrespondentin über die Demokratisierung zu berichten. Sie schreibt über den Bürgerkrieg, Menschenrechte und den Umgang der myanmarischen Gesellschaft mit der Transition. Seit Ausbruch der Rohingya-Krise berichtet sie regelmäßig aus den Flüchtlingscamps in Bangladesch. Ihre Texte erscheinen bei tageszeitung, NZZ, SPIEGEL Online, DW, NEON, Chrismon, WELT am Sonntag, IRIN und TIME.

Verena Hölzl (30) is a German independent journalist who has been reporting on Myanmar's democratic transition since 2015. She is writing about conflict, human rights and how Burmese society is dealing with the transition. Since the beginning of the Rohingya crisis she has been reporting regularly from the refugee camps in Bangladesh. Her work has appeared in tageszeitung, NZZ, SPIEGEL Online, DW, NEON, Amnesty Journal, Chrismon, WELT am Sonntag, IRIN and TIME.